Wealth Need Not Only Be Money

Rainbow, not a po of gold

POSTING MONTHS AGO on this blog I wrote of how Infosys co- founder Narayana Murthy called a group of freshers in the company, showed them the sky and said: “See, what a beautiful rainbow.”

He was conducting a foreign delegation around the campus but did not fail to notice the sun and drizzle combination creating a rainbow.

In the West it is said that there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. As an etrepreneur steeped in Indian values, Murthy saw not the gold but a beautiful rainbow.

And today’s newspapers tell of a Mumbai man who remained a beggar though he had bank FDs worth Rs.8.77 lakhs and cash in coins totalling Rs.1.5 lakhs which the police, visiting his house after his death on a rail track, had to spend hours to count.

In the dilapidated single room, the beggar, Birju Chandra Azad lived all alone in Govandi, a south-east Mumbai slum.He also had a voter identity card, PAN card and Aadhaar card. Old newspapers and polythene bags littered the room.

Birju Chandra Azad was, in fact, a rich man who lived a poor life. There have been many stories of this type — of men or women living in extreme poverty and squalour but leaving behind a lot of money.

While many poor people could be happy, there are many “rich” people living in misery

Azad proved once more that wealth does not make one rich.

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